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Dr. Kathy Acquistapace, wellness consultantMy purpose in life, reflected by this website, is to help sick people get well and to support well people in their attainment of excellent health of body, mind, spirit and emotion. I found in my many years of experience that there is only one way to do this. That is, each and every individual must take responsibility for their health and lives. The reason for this is simple, ALL true, lasting healing comes from within. It comes from our body’s own deep wisdom and healing powers. So you ask, then why are all of us so sick today?

The answers are:
The number one disease causing elements in today’s world are TOXINS, and each and every one of us is absorbing them daily, in food, water and air! With the "hurry here, hurry there, never enough time" lifestyle of today, this multitude of toxins is just too much for the body to deal with and neutralize. The combination of toxins & stress cover up, dampen down and cripple the bodies optimum health and wellness.
Number two is: Pharmaceutical drugs work by suppressing our body’s functions. They treat symptoms, not the underlying cause of the symptoms. If they did treat the cause, the symptoms would go away, the disease would disappear and we would all be well. For instance, a diabetic can never stop taking their prescription medication. In contrast, natural detoxification treatment methods combined with proper nutrition and exercise, support, modulate, and strengthen the immune system and bodily functions so that the body can do what it does so well – HEAL ITSELF. If the idea of a truly healthy alive body and lifestyle appeals to you, please stay and learn more…..

Dr. Kathy Acquistapace

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